United States

US Drug Enforcement Agency

US State Department Colombia page

Office of National Drug Control Policy (ONDCP)

-General Barry McCaffrey's statement on the drug war: source countries, domestic impact, and treatment.

US Agency for International Development (AID)

US Intelligence Reports compiled by the Federation of American Scientists.

Plan Colombia: A database of congressional testimonies, US government news releases, and legislative information relating to Colombia compiled by the Washington-based Center for International Policy

Information on US Security Assistance to Colombia: from Just the Facts, a project of the Washington-based Latin America Working Group


Colombian Government home page (in Spanish)

Pastrana’s Plan Colombia The original proposal for legislation, in Spanish. Does not include military aid.

Colombian Embassy in Washington, DC


United Nations Office for Drug Control and Crime Prevention

United Nations Colombia Human Rights page- In Spanish, but links to documents in English (Ingles)

Organization of American States (OAS)

Comparative information on drug policy internationally, including the policies of the EU, the Netherlands, and Canada, from Common Sense for Drug Policy.

Armed Actors in Colombia

Paramilitary forces: Information complied by the Washington-based Center for International Policy, including link to AUC website, AUC-related documents, and press

FARC information compiled by CIP, including link to FARC website, FARC-related documents, and press

FARC official demands

Map of FARC activity, 1985-1994

ELN information compiled by CIP, including link to ELN website, ELN-related documents, and press

Map of ELN activity, 1985-1994

Research Institutions and Non-Governmental Organizations

Center for International Policy A Washington, DC-based international policy think-tank; excellent background and recent text on Plan Colombia, armed actors, and the peace process.

Amnesty International USA Information on human rights in Colombia, including recent document on certification.

The Heritage Foundation A Washington, DC-based public policy think-tank with published research on US aid to Colombia. See Stephen Johnson’s March 2000 piece, “The President’s Flawed Plan to Aid Colombia.”

US A variety of sources on fumigation in southern Colombia and its impacts on health and the environment.

Inter-American Dialogue A public policy forum on Western Hemispheric affairs. View the report of the Colombia Task Force and their December 2000 forum report “A Time for Decisions: US Policy in the Western Hemisphere,” which contains recommendations on changes in Colombia policy.

Washington Office on Latin America A Washington, DC based research institution; information on the human rights certification process and Andean regional drug policy.

The RAND Corporation Publishes research findings on US drug control policy and domestic and international drug issues. Their most cited study is the 1994 document MR-331, “Controlling Cocaine: Supply Versus Demand Programs,” which finds that domestic drug treatment and prevention programs are 23 times more affordable than source-country interdiction.

Human Rights Watch Publications on military-paramilitary ties, Congressional testimony, background and press coverage.

The Cato Institute, a Washington, DC-based think tank committed to promoting individual liberty and limited government. See their publications “Time to End the Drug War” and “Declaring an Armistice in the International Drug War”.

Committee to Protect Journalists Documentation of attacks on journalists in Colombia.